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Tony Gambone

Tony Gambone, the founder and creator of Tough Talk Radio Network. He spent a significant Tony-Gambone-TTRNetwork number of his adult years working the casino business in Las Vegas, Nevada along with Louisiana, Mississippi, and other states where gambling is legal. To save his life and his marriage, Tony moved to Katy,Texas in 1998 where he became an entrepreneur by starting his own remodeling business.

After owning a successful remodeling company for several years, in 2009 Tony’s health required that he take another look at his career plans. He left the hard, physical work of the construction business to become a “tough talking” business person. He and his wife Wendy began speaking about and selling professional services. Explaining to others how to follow his lead, Tony became involved in the networking industry in the greater Houston/Katy area. His tough style and generous spirit quickly garnered recognition in competitive arena.

To further promote his business and the people he met in the networking world, Tony saw an opportunity for expansion in the world of Internet radio. His “tough talking” style draws from his guests their origins, motivations, goals, and differentiators. He found that marketing his guests this way allows him to build their knowledge, personality and trust, separating them from their competition.

From hosting his own radio show, Tough Talk with Tony Gambone, being the “tough talking” generous person that he is, Tony Gambone formed the Tough Talk Radio Network, a company that provides similar opportunities for other entrepreneurs to grow their business by hosting their own Internet Radio Show. Tony teaches them to become a “Thought Leader” in their industry and provides everything a Radio Host needs to market and promote their shows.

Wendy Gambone

Me-Latest-pic-smallWendy Gambone brings 15 years of entrepreneurship experience. She, with her husband, Tony, has owned and operated several businesses in the Katy area. Prior to entrepreneurship she worked in the casino industry as well as the restaurant industry. Wendy earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the age of 37. A personal goal that she felt was important to accomplish.

Currently Wendy works with Tony running Tough Talk Network. She also works as an agent with Element Payment Services, a complete merchant services company. Wendy loves being able to offer businesses ways to save money and promote their businesses. With Tough Talk Network and Element Payment Services she can do both.

Wendy has had the pleasure of running two networking groups in the Houston/Katy area previously and gained much experience and confidence in doing so. Her greatest pride and joy and accomplishment is her family. She has been married to her best friend, Tony, for 16 years and her boys, Ryan and Anthony are 25 and 19 years old.